{ War of The Roleplayers }

                                                                   тнε ℓovε тнαт ωαsη’т εηoυgн



            Though beaten and bruised the female didn’t even seem to give up. This fight between Mun and muse had been going on for what seemed to be like forever and she was growing tired and weak while it seemed that Hikaru was still standing strong. He had made so many hits but she hadn’t been able to make one… She had blamed it on herself that she couldn’t manage to hit him.. she loved Hikaru so much… he had been with her through a lot of things that she couldn’t build up the courage to swing a proper hit at him. “HIKARU PLEASE STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!" The girl had managed to scream at the auburn as he took another swing hitting her straight in the abdomen. Coughing she tried to catch her breath as she kept her guard up. It was so strange how all of this began .. Everything seemed to have been going perfectly fine a couple days ago but then it seemed that something twisted in her muses mind .. and it seemed as if everyone’s muses around them had began to rebel.

            ;;—-“Such a weak an pathetic little thing you are.. Look at you! You can’t even strike a single hit! By the looks of it.. it seems as if this fight will be over soon." The auburn had spat and he took another swing hitting the girl finally knocking her to ground. A devilish smirk had made its way towards his features as he bent down and grabbed a fistful of her hair. "Why can’t you just learn, That loving someone brings nothing but pain.. You should know that already right?! RIGHT?!" Shouting at the girl he let out the most horrific laugh as he let her go. He was going mad.. and the girl knew that he couldn’t stop him.. he was so far gone from where he was before.

            ;;—-“So weak… So pathetic.. Nothing but worthless and weak! Ahh—- Look at you.. You’re eye’s are just begging me to stop.. But i wont! I won’t ever stop! I know everything about you! i know what things i can use to torture you as much as i want! I know you inside and out!" As ember irises had gazed down towards his beaten mun he could help but let out another laugh. He was amused with what he had done and there wasn’t a single regret in his being.

            She had lost him.. she knew that she had lost him; her precious Hikaru.. the one she had learned to love, care for, and protect. But she knew that this time she couldn’t protect him from what he was being morphed into.. It was her fault and she knew it.. if only she would have been stronger.. if only she would have done something to prevent this from happening to her precious Hikaru. She was blaming herself for what hikaru had became .. it was no one fault but hers. Letting out a small grunt she picked herself up off the ground which surprised to the auburn that she still had some strength in her.. but she wasn’t going to fight.. she was done with that.


            ;;—-“What are you doing!? You just wont give up now will y-" Being cut off before he finished his sentence he stepped back slightly once he heard something come from the girl.. He didn’t expect to hear what she just said and he was so confused. "W-WHAT?!

            It was all her fault so she would take full responsibility for what the other was doing, though it should be the other way around.. she knew that this was the only way to stop him. “I-I’m sorry Hikaru… I’m sorry that i’m such a weakling.. and that i couldn’t protect you from what you became.. i swear.. i tried my best to protect you .. from anything.. and from anyone … i tried to make sure that no one would hurt you; but in the end it was me who was hurting you.. if only i was stronger for you. Hikaru please forgive me.." As the girl apologized it seemed as if the auburn had began to face away.

            ;;—-“W-Wendy what the fuck is happening?! MAKE THIS STOP!" the auburn had shouted as he looked down at himself seeing that he was disappearing. He knew what was going on.. his mun was getting rid of him.. she was deleting him from herself. "WENDY PLEASE! PLEASE STOP THIS!" he begged of her as he was fading quicker then before.

            The girl had to admit that she didn’t want to see the muse that she had grown so attached to go but it was the only way to make everything stop. Looking down she didn’t even dare to look at hikaru as he faded away from her. Gritting her teeth and balling her hands up into a fist she tried not to cry but once she heard him say his last words before he faded away she couldn’t control herself.. Tears began to stream down her face and they wouldn’t stop. The last words that her precious muse had said kept playing on her mind as if it was a a broken record.

                                                 ;;—”I’m so sorry… Please forgive me Wendy…

I took the challenge guys.

and it was really fun you all should try it!

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